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When band-aids are not enough and hospitals are crowded... We handle requests for patients of all ages to treat the most delicate areas of the skin and body that require the most specialized medical attention. Our foundation in plastic & reconstructive surgery enables us to help patients with complex wounds get the proper healing while minimizing scarring.

Boo-boos come in all shapes and sizes, and no matter how old we are, we all need to to make those cuts, scrapes, bruises and bumps better as quickly as possible. For more serious circumstances, we need an expert...

BooBoos Rx  is dedicated to ensuring quality care and providing expert medical treatment for skin lacerations, burns and trauma for even the most delicate areas of our face and body. The type of care you initially receive will determine the results.


Reliable Care

We're here to help when it matters most. Special cases of open wounds, lacerations, burns, and trauma can require urgent attention at the time of injury. Bypass unpredictable Emergency Room waiting times.

Expert Treatment

Experienced and trusted for suturing & advanced techniques for wound treatment and skin injury repair for all ages. Be sure to save BooBoos Rx in your contacts for when you need our help..

Recovery + Results

Our goal is to ensure you heal safely, quickly and happily. The ongoing health and well-being of all of our patients is a priority at Dr. Buglino's medical practice. Our patients look to us for faster recovery with minimal scarring.


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Important Considerations

The best time to contact us is as soon as possible at the time of injury. From the moment you seek medical attention for a skin wound, such as lacerations and burns, we advise you to request our medical skin repair services foremost, and if safely possible, before the hospital emergency room. Getting the most effective treatment first can make all the difference.

Hygiene, Healing & Health

Comprehensive treatment of lacerations, burns, trauma and injury is our specialty.  We understand your skin's natural ability to heal, so it is important for us to provide the medical assistance you need to stop any associated bleeding caused by the laceration, prevent the risk of infection and speed up recovery during the entire healing process. Upon until bandage or suture removal, our team will be ready to assist any of your concerns or questions.


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BooBoos Rx is located in Woodbury, Long Island, NY.

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