Skin Abrasion Treatment

Abrasions can be described as the rubbing or grinding of the skin against a rough surface, causing a series of scrapes to the flesh skin tissue. This type of skin wound may vary in severity. However, unlike lacerations, abrasions are usually superficial wounds only affecting the outermost epidermis with minimal bleeding. As well dirt, grit or debris can get into the wound due to grazing.

Advanced Skin Abrasion Repair

The treatment of skin abrasions require properly dressing of the wound to prevent infection from contact dirt and debris. Appropriate bandaging will help to keep the wound protected and moist. Deeper abrasions can lead to scar tissue forming at the site of the skin grazing. To prevent bacterial infection of the open skin abrasion, proper and timely treatment of the wound is important for your well-being.

Dr. Anthony Buglino is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Woodbury NY, providing expert treatment for skin abrasions using advanced skin techniques to minimize scarring, prevent infection, and speed up the healing process. Call 1 (516) 864-0700 for more information.

Type of Skin Abrasion and Causes

Skin Abrasion can classified as:

  • First-degree skin abrasion
  • Second-degree skin abrasion
  • Third-degree skin abrasion
  • Avulsion(traumatic abrasion)

Skin abrasion can occur due to:

  • Contact with asphalt or gravel, such as road rash

Treatment of Skin Abrasion Scars

Dr. Buglino performs scar revision for skin abrasions that may have already healed. For advanced cosmetic treatments to make existing scars and hyperpigmentation less noticeable, contact us.