Skin Puncture Treatment

Punctures of the skin is a wound that is deep, and caused by sharp or pointy objects. Skin is usually not missing, and may not have excessive bleeding. However, the depth of the wound may make it difficult to clean.

Advanced Skin Puncture Repair

The treatment of skin puncture requires proper cleansing and disinfecting, sutures or stitches and bandage to properly close the wound to allow safe healing. To prevent bacterial infection of the skin puncture , proper and timely closure of the laceration wound is important for your well-being.

Dr. Anthony Buglino is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Woodbury NY, providing expert treatment for skin punctures using advanced skin treatment techniques to minimize scarring, prevent infection, and speed up the healing process. Call 1 (516) 864-0700 for more information.

Treatment of Skin Puncture Scars

Dr. Buglino performs scar revision for skin punctures that may have already healed. For advanced cosmetic treatments to make existing scars less noticeable, contact us.